Royal Club – Hair Serum

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A premium unisex product for nourishing hair growth and damage control. Ideal for men and women of all ages.
Other then preventing hair-fall and fighting dandruff, It makes hair shiner, denser,straighter and softer.
Blend of 100% organic nine premium materials.


Ingredients: Nymphaea Alba Herbs Oil, Argan Oil, Walnut Oil, Cardamom Oil, Melon seed Oil, Acacia Concinna Oil, Black Seed Oil, Vitamin-E, Lemon Oil


  • Prevents Hair Fall
  • Enhances re-growth
  • Damage Control Solution
  • Provides conditioning effect
  • Makes hair shinier, thicker and longer
  • Dandruff Control


Usage: Massage twice in a week overnight or use regularly after shower on dry hair

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50 ml


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