Arman Khan
 I had very severe problem of hair fall and hair thining. A friend recommended me this brand I have used their hair serum for 3 months regular and my problem is resolved. Now i can grow hair long 
Haider Abbas
 I am a Beard freak. So i chose royal club as my beard fellow. I must say their beard oil is basis for beard healthy growth Good work Team Royal Club 
Yousaf Ali
 I’m new to beard oil, never tried it before. I’ve just grown a new beard over the last few weeks and came across an advert for beard oil, I settled for this one, ordered it and I’m exceptionally pleased, it’s not overly oily and has a pleasant smell. I have a medium beard length right now so I use approx 8-10 drops in my palm and massage it into my beard after a shower and it has definitely made my beard softer and the itch has gone, it’s a lovely product that I’ll be using all the time now 
Sumair Butt
 Pros: Works very welll for those patchy spots. Can last over a month. Easy to apply. Nice scent. No sticky. Cons: It takes more then 3 weeks to show results 
Zuhair Jalal
 I don't have a great beard - more a scruffy, most un-manicured goatee kind of thing. I'm not one for male products like this but the beard was just itchy and I thought the oil might help a bit and it did! I liked the personal feel if the business and the follow up emails were lovely. Good product, honest company, great service - so well recommended. I expect to re-order in due course 
Mehmood Yousaf
 i have always had patchy beard. on over month of using this product, i noticed that my blank spots started to grow tiny hairs. it just went on from there and now i have growth on 90% of the spots that used to just be empty. The hair growing out is thin hair but i feel optimistic that this product did something to encourage hair growth. i'm on my 2nd bottle using this and i am a very happy customer! 🙂 
 I really like this Premium beard growth oil. All beard oils are made with different types of oils and this blend works really nice for my skin and beard. The blend works very well to soften the beard and filling gaps in beard and doesn't have an overbearing scent. It smells more like sandlewood to me but what I like is that it has argan oil, jojoba oil and vitamin e. These are basic ingredients for healthy beard 
Sarmad Iqbal
 Loving this beard oil! First off it has soothing smell and it doesn't cause a burning sensation if I get it up on my cheeks. This is a huge plus for people with sensitive skin. I've tried a few other oils out there and all of them burned and the smells were so pungent that they would actually bother me after wearing them all day. Royal Club's Beard oil is perfect in every way. After the first application, I could already tell it made my beard softer and more manageable. And after a week of applying it after I shower in the morning and before I go to bed at night my beard is exceptionally softer and much more manageable. Along with that it has made the hairs themselves stronger and I am having almost no breakage of hairs during combing which is in turn making my beard fuller and thicker. 
 Good sized bottle with a measured dropper so you can count the 3-6 drops required. So no wastage. Surely to last a long time. The company emailed me and included a simple instruction how to use the oil. This is my first beard so found that useful. The product itself is not greasy. the oil absorbs into the hair (or so it seem's). After about 5 applications I notice the air becoming softer. No longer felt that I had a spiky snowball on my face. For the small price​, it's worth it. I will be getting more. Already recommended it to a work colleague